Two - four plants of each species were planted this spring, a total of 36.  These perennials ultimately are supposed to bloom various times during the spring and summer and keep the butterfly/catepillar  food cycle going.  These particular plants are from 'Prairie Moon" Nurseries in Wisconsin.  They only ship these once per growing year in early spring.
At least, 1or 2 of the plants of each species survived, some more and most bloomed this year. Though some did not.  At Betsy Nutt's suggestion, we're going to try to feed the soil this Fall a little with a product called 'Bumper Crop'. This is available at Home Depot.  It should encourage reappearance next spring and even more foilage.
There's still plenty of flowering left this fall (but don't delay too much we're getting cold nights) and see if you can locate these beauties in the garden.