The Club was very fortunate to host the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board Commissioner, DANTE SANTONI, Jr. at its meeting last week. Dante gave a presentation highlighting the work the Board does in regulating and controlling all gambling in the state; casinos, horse racing, lotteries, and small games of chance. The seven member board and 300 staff positions are completely funded by gambling revenue, with their main directive being assuring that casinos are safe and all gambling is fair. He gave us a brief history of gaming in Pa and outlined future plans including the addition of Satellite Casinos in the near future. The casinos generate $1.4 million / day , which will be increasing soon with the addition of sports betting. Casinos directly, and indirectly provide employment to almost 17,000 persons in Pennsylvania.
Thank you Commissioner Santoni for the presentation.
Program Chair DAVE SHOEMAKER welcomes Commissioner DANTE SANTONI, Jr.