Last week, member DAVID SHOEMAKER spoke to us about his experiences as a scientific presenter at The FRANKLIN INSTITUTE. For the last two years , Dave has worked as a presenter at the Institute, and stated that it has been a very rewarding experience , expanding his outlook on the general public, keeping him up to date on technology changes, and learning how to relate to 10 year olds, in a scientific environment. He spoke of the history, present state, and future plans for the Institute. The organization was founded as a resource center but has evolved into a teaching institute striving to bring science to young and old alike. Traditional highlights like the Ben Franklin statute, the giant heart, the telescope, and the Baldwin steam locomotive, have been augmented by new additions of the Brain, the Sports Zone, and Changing Earth exhibits. Special events such as the Terracota Soldiers, Computer Game History, Jurassic World, and the coming soon exhibit, the Vikings, have become a staple of the Institute. 
There are between 1,000 and 2500 visitors a day, plus special after hours events available to the public. The Institute insists that its Science Presenters all have STEM degrees in order to pass the scientific information in the most clear and correct manner.
Thank you Dave, for the informative presentation.