Our own DENISE ASHE, president and CEO of Montgomery County OIC, Opportunities Industrialization Center, gave a talk about the Center's origins, history, plans for the future, and its special programs. The institution was started by the Rev. Leon Sullivan in Philadelphia in 1965, to supply educational opportunities to minorities, enhancing their employment prospects in the corporate world. Rev Sullivan fought hard to open doors for his graduates. The Center in Norristown was started in 1966 and continues in the tradition of  offering many diverse educational programs, and social skill development needed in today's business world. She spoke of several programs including the College Tour where high school seniors are taken to several colleges where they take campus tours and get the opportunity make a school decision armed with a personal visit. Other projects were The Norristown Project, lead by her son Shae, The New Development Corp. , and Campus Extreme. This program 8 week summer camp is centered on teaching science, math, physics and other technical subjects to a group of students. The program is partially funded by GSX.
PAT AUGUSTUS GILBERT, a Pre-Apprentice Instructor at the Center also spoke about the apprenticeship program leading to carriers in the trades: electrical, plumbing. and construction. The graduates are given special consideration by local trade unions, small businesses, and are eligible to help fill local participation requirements in public contracts.
DENISE ASHE                                                PAT AUGUSTUS GILBERT
President Scott Wright welcomes Denise and Pat