DR. HARRIS NEWMAN- spoke to the ROTARY CLUB of NORRISTOWN last Thursday concerning the opioid crisis that we are experiencing in this country. He told of his experiences in dealing with Big Pharma and their continual push to prescribe opioids and how it eventually leads to addiction. It starts with pain that can not be endured, and the quick fix that some doctors have relied on to relieve the suffering. There are 75 million Americans who suffer chronic pain, so the potential market is huge, with over 264 million prescription being give out each year, and Pennsylvania is in the top 5th in the nation in overdose deaths.  Many people get hooked, it is very difficult to break the habit, with over 91% returning to use after attempting treatment to get off the drugs. The ovoid crisis has been termed the worst man-made epidemic in history. 
Dr. Newman pointed out that no-one is immune from potentially falling into addiction. Those over 50 are now the largest group seeking treatment from overuse, but recent studies have found large increases in the non-medical use of opioids in young people.  He stated that if you suspect an OD situation, keep the person alert and get help immediately.
He gave three points to consider : educate yourself on alternative treatments, ask if really need them, question the doctors, pointing out the nobody is off limits to addiction, trust no-one if you see a friend in potential risk, and educate them on the dangers.
For further information:  www.opioidaware.org
Thank-you Dr. Newman for the informative talk.