Mystery author Elena Santangelo spoke to the Rotary Club of Norristown last Thursday,  presenting interesting background into several of her novels and short stories. Elena, born and raised in Norristown, first published in 1999 and has since written 5 novels, 19 short stories, and blogs.  She started out with a series of three books centring on the civil war, bringing in historical events , combined with modern day characters, ghosts, and mystery. She detailed some of her other favourites: "Hang My Head and Cry", "By Blood Possessed", "Poison to Purge Melancholy", along with a book based on Norristown , and a history narrative on a relative, who served in the U.S.. Navy on the USS Mobile, in which she took events from his diary and retold them in storybook form, and related how his WWII experiences led to PTSD in later life.
To learn more about Elena Santangelo , visit her website : and experience the wide range of subjects covered by this author. 
We thank Elena for sharing her experiences in publishing and bringing insight into some of her works.
Author ELENA SANTANGELO is welcomed by president ROBIN PARKER