HELEN RILEY, founder of KIND HEARTS, and also a pending new club member, addressed the club Thursday, detailing her organization with its history, goals, and accomplishments. KIND ( Kids In Need of Dads) HEARTS ,was  initiated in 2009 with the goals of helping kids who lost a father, and helping keep dads involved with their kids. They have partnered with The Moyer Foundation and Fathers Matter to offer programs aimed at preserving and encouraging families , especially fathers, to remain together as a unit, pointing out that families are 4 times more likely to be poor, and 2 times more likely to experience suicide when the father is not present. They sponsor Came Erin with the Foundation, Jamie Moyer founder, which give kids the chance to interact with others in the similar situation as theirs. A central program in her organization is the DADVOCAT PROGRAM bringing awareness to the affect of fatherless homes.
For further information, check the website :    www.kindheartkids.org
HELEN RILEY is welcomed by president MARK CALL and program chair, ROBIN PARKER