CAROL METZKER from the Salvation Army's NEW DAY TO STOP TRAFFICKING, addressed the club about the pervasive problem of human trafficking around the world and right here in Montgomery County. Carol related her path of growing involvement in fighting this blight staring with her first exposure tot the problem while working with Rotary International on The Polio Project in India. She observed a group of children 4 to 11 years old who had recently been rescued from sex slavery. She became involved and Rotary gave her a platform to speak out on the issue. At first it was mainly a problem in distant countries, she soon became aware that sex and labor slavery exists here in Montgomery county, and that we are an especially hot area for the trade due to the Turnpike providing easy access to the area.  Carol explained how , for victims, every night is :The Darkest Night" with no hope for rescue from the slavery, and that every night is the darkest night of their life. The Salvation Army program, A NEW DAY to stop trafficking, offers that hope by working with law enforcement, to get victims into safer environments where training, health support, and psychological consulting are provided. Through their main drop in center in Kennsington , offers case management,basic needs, job search help, and a chance to build a new home. 
If you would like to get involved in this fight, check out the websites at:, and the Rotary site: .
CAROL METZKER is welcomed by host-Robin Parker, member  Curtis Flora, and Program Chair- Fred Hagglund.