Jazmin Tuggle -Snowden speaking at the Central Region Rotary Four-Way-Test Speech Contest April 11 at MCCC. 
Jazmin with her grandmother, Vanessa, Dave, and Bob
Dear Mrs. Dunston and Mr. Bucci,
I and the Rotary Club of Norristown would like to say how enormously proud we are of the fantastic speech given by Jazmin Tuggle Snowden at the Central Region Rotary Speech Contest held on Saturday, April 11, 2015 at Montgomery County College.
The 1st place winner of the CENTRAL Region 4WTSC was Niara Savage, representing the Souderton-Telford Club.  It was her 3rd & final attempt before graduating
2nd place went to Julianna Kabakjian from the Harleysville Club
3rd place Scott Jacobs, North Penn Club.
All of the candidate’s speeches were performed very well and I’m  sure judging was not an easy task. Although Jazmin did not place, she displayed great confidence, was very expressive and spoke very passionately on her topic of stereotyping utilizing the 4-Way Test!  
Jazmin said that she may enter the contest again next year and gave credit to her Debate Teacher, Mr Bucci for his encouragement to achieve her success.  We hope that she re-enters next year as does all of the Debate students under Mr. Bucci’s guidance and thank them all for their participation.
Mr. Bucci and Mrs. Dunston, we would like to personally thank you again for allowing the Rotary  Speech Contest to take place and become an annual event.   We’ll touch base again in the fall.
We at Rotary have invited Jazmin to present her speech to the entire Rotarian Club at one of our weekly luncheons and she accepted. Permission was granted by her grandmother who was present and they shall both be our guest.  Her grandmother stated that she will provide transportation.  When we have a scheduled date, I will inform you.
Thanks again,
Vanessa Cossari