Our District 7430 Rotaplast committee combines annually with District 7450 to support an international mission for reconstructive surgeries.  This year it was initially scheduled for September in Colombia.  That had to be cancelled due to government-required construction for earthquake safety; the hospital would not have any surgical suites available for our use at that time.  We are now planning a mission to New Delhi 11/22-12/6. While I thought I was scheduled to go on that one as a lay Rotarian volunteer, I just learned that I will instead be going to Bangladesh on another mission 11/29-12/12, serving as a speech therapist.  I will be accompanying the Mission Director, Randy Floyd,  who is from our district and has been on many previous missions.  He is a chief of police in his day job, so I feel comfortable traveling with him! And since he is even taller than I am, it gives me hope that I, too, can survive those long hours in an airplane seat.
I am so excited to have this opportunity, as it has been on my "bucket list" for many years.  Further, I am so proud that our Norristown Rotary Club recently made a very generous donation to help fund the New Delhi trip, which is much more costly than the Colombia one.  I look forward to coming back and sharing my experiences with my fellow Rotarians, and anyone else who will listen!