Lt. ROBERT GREENAWAY, from the Norristown Police Department, was the featured speaker at our
last meeting. He presented a talk "Norristown Update" giving us a great overview of the workings of 
the department, citing several recent improvements in community relations, communications, and logistics.
He Spoke of a department philosophy of protecting not enforcing, stating that you cannot arrest your way out of a problem. Solutions have to be found instead. NPD has joined 2000 other departments across the nation in a 'Coffee With A Cop" program where officers can meet informally with city residents and establish friendships and relationships. The department has started using social media much more , involving postings on Facebook, Twitter, and NEXTDOOR, a site which presents notifications of special events, charity events, personal testimonials, and general information meant to keep the public informed. The city is divided into 4 zones for the purpose of instituting Geographical Policing, giving the department closer contact to the activities in each neighbourhood.