MARK CALL, newly installed president of The Rotary Club of Norristown, outlined his plans and club goals for the coming year. Club goals must be designed to support the District goals , and Mark detailed how that is accomplished.  He stated that his style of leadership is one of consensus management with his main goals being for all to have fun, serve Noristown and Rotary, increase opportunities for local service projects, mentoring future leaders, and preparing the club for the future. 
The details of his plan can be found on our website. A few of the highlights include: have a net increase of three members by end of June '17, follow-up on inactive members, run the 'Elevator Speech' program again, enhance new member orientation, and increase attention to marketing the club. 
There are several new initiatives started by Mark for next year to implement the aggressive set of goals he has laid out. Louise Zawadzki will assume the new role of Club Trainer to keep us informed on new developments from Rotary, Guido will head an effort to more fully communicate with the media, Dave Beach will head a Tech Team , to organize our tech support and introduce new levels of technology like bar coding, credit card use, and live video streaming of our meetings.
We all look forward to working with Mark to meet these goals and have a terrific year.