Our scheduled speaker had to cancel at the last minute, so Mark stepped in and gave a timely and informative talk on what we should be doing to protect our credit rating and the dangers we are facing from all the data hacks at several institutions, including the recent EQUIFAX leak. Mark strongly recommended that each of us continually monitor what id happening with our money accounts, and most importantly, freeze our credit rating. This can cause some difficulties when we have to use our credit for loans, but the process can be reversed when needed, and the benefits far outweigh the annoyance. Mark has sent links by email, that we can use with the credit agencies to do the freeze actions.  They are included below.  Thanks , Mark.
Attached are information web links from today's discussion on credit  protection.
Deed monitoring - If your property is in Montgomery County.   Recent fraud prevention advice suggests monitoring your property transactions for fraudulent filings. Someone could attempt to steal your home causing havoc or even loss. Montgomery County Recorder of Deeds offers a free notification service (FraudSleuth) if any documents are filed against your property, they will notify you by email. There are no fees ignore the billing info, 100% free. Register online (on the county page) your name or better still, 'parcel number' off of your tax receipt to insure against false alerts.
    Information Page -  Sign up here http://montcopa.org/DocumentCenter/View/16028
    Facts: totally free, takes 3 minutes.
Regards, Mark
PRESIDENT ROBIN PARKER returns. We wish her a continued and speedy recovery.
Two birthdays were celebrated; Judy and Paul.
JUDY BUCKO back from her trip with ROTAPLAST to Myanmar
PAUL CATRAMBONE, back from a recent illness.