PAULA MAYEWSKI of Montco Senior Adult Activities Center gave a talk on the Montco  MEALS ON WHEELS program that she directs. The MEALS program for this area is run from the Ambler Montco SAAC office with other facilities in Glenside and Norristown. They serve between 260 to 300 hot meals a day, with volunteers doing much more than just delivering meals. They are trained to look for health, nutritional, and safety concerns when visiting each client. Staff dietitians prepare a weekly menu assuring that all nutritional needs are met. Her organization is funded through grants and donations and services are no charge to the clients. Other WHEELS groups are privately funded and require payment from clients. They have a corporate Recruit program where local businesses allow their employees to server as volunteers to deliver food on company time. 
For further information or to refer someone in need to the program, contact Paula at:
Montco SAAC   215 - 619 - 8863
or e-mail her at:
They are having a fundraiser at Normandie Farms Sat. May 7.