TARYN BATH, an Occupational Therapist who specializes in Sensory Processing Disorder, spoke the the club on this area of study that examines how we interpret all the sensory signals that our brains are bombarded with, and  the limitations that some experience. Taryn brings 25 years experience ,working in the school systems to identify and establish programs to help those students that are impaired with limitations in sense of touch, smell, noise interpretation, problems with food, balance, and many other sensory areas that most take for granted. A disorder exists when sensory signals do not organize into appropriate responses. She outlined the four major areas of disorders as Registration, a person's awareness stimulating, Seeking- how much a person looks for stimulation, Sensitivity- how much a person is bothered by the stimulations around them, and Avoiding- how much a person avoids or try to escape stimulation. She outlined the steps and programs that are now available to assist persons afflicted with sensory disorders.