Club member ANGUS MURRAY welcomed the Rotary Club to the VARIETY CLUB CAMP on our annual Vocational Awareness Day last Thursday. The camp, located on 80 acres  in Worcester, offers year round programs centred on recreational, educational, and social developmental activities for children with physical and developmental disabilities. The Camp's activities aim to build self esteem, independence, and physical strength in the attendees buy offering a wide array of events ranging from sports to educational opportunities in business , such as growing, harvesting, and marketing food from the camp. 


Angus showed us the cabins where summer campers sleep. The camp, while mainly a summer project, offers classes and special events year round. 


The Camp has faced financial difficulties in recent years, and Angus pointed out progress in righting the financial ship and convincing old supporters to return. The disrepair of the indoor pool is a prime example of facilities problems.




We visited the kitchen where money from a grant from NORRISTOWN ROTARY will help fund the purchase of new equipment