The Club was entertained with the classification talks of two of our newest members, SUNANDA CHARLES , and ANDREA MORGAN. They gave background highlights and their reasons for joining ROTARY.
SUNANDA CHARLES was born and raised in India where she attended university with the expectation of becoming a teacher, but soon discovered that her calling would be in the social services area. She left home for the United Kingdom in 2003 , and took up social work, centering on children aid. Her grandfather became involved with Methodist missionaries and she was brought up in the church. She pointed out the lasting effect that upbringing had on her life , and told us to never underestimate the impact you might be having on others as you interact with your communities. She met her husband through eHarmony, and they now have 2 children.
They moved to the U.S. where she continued to work in the social services field, leading to her current position as Executive Director at Norristown Ministries Inc., the NORRISTOWN HOSPITALITY CENTER. Sunanda outlined some of he goals for the Center including expansion through increased capacity and staffing.
She became interested in ROTARY when she met MARK CALL, who volunteers much time to the Center, and, while working on the details of our recent grant to them, became aware of just who much ROTARY does in service to the community.
Welcome SUNANDA.
ANDREA MORGAN, raised in Philadelphia, said that her life has been a series of 'Happy Accidents' . She discovered a love of math and science at a young age and received the encouragement to pursue that area. In a search for higher education, she met people from Hampton College who helped get her into the right courses to fulfil here ambitions in math. Feeling the need for change, she left school and entered the Navy. and thru one of those happy accidents, ended up in a program that allowed her to finish her education and serve in Spain, all of which helped her develop her skills. She credits the 'accidents' and God for direction in her life . After leaving the Navy, she became a systems engineer until her recent retirement. She continues to work in community service area in Norristown, as a Deacon in her church,  and is continually pushing STEM paths for young students. 
Welcome ANDREA.