HERB KOLTZ, our District Membership Chairman, visited our club and gave a presentation on   District membership goals, concerns, and strategies. Herb is a member of The Allentown West Rotary Club, and after a successful term as the Club's membership Chair, was tapped to move up to the District level where he has established goals of bringing in 100 new District members , and adding 2 new clubs. The later goal has been met with the addition of  Whitehall and Upper Perk clubs. These new clubs have taken advantage of new Rotary rules allowing clubs to meet twice a month instead of the weekly rules that have existed for years. He spoke of research he has conducted into why people join a club, what they are looking for, and what factors were common the the District's most successful clubs. He stressed 5 themes that appeared in his research: 1. Make membership growth a major goal of your club; 2. Hold membership events aimed at attracting new groups of prospects; 3. Try to implement multiple meeting times and adapt the meetings to the times available to the target members; 4. Have a proactive PR program to continually promote the club; 5. Keep new members involved, inviting them to participate in committees that match their interests and goals , and not assign them just to areas that need help, at that time.
Thank you, Herb, for your informative talk.
HERB KOLTZ  is welcomed by Program Chair, Robin Parker