Thursday Feb. 4 meeting featured Aaron Muderick of CRAZY AARON'S THINKING PUTTY,  who told us about his wildly successful creation of 'thinking putty'.  Aaron, who was born and raised in Havertown, worked in Silicon Valley for some time, consulted, came up with the idea of creating a more interesting, fun,challenging, and educational form of silly putty. He developed a putty that lasted longer, was colourful, and had many different qualities that led kids to be more creative and enjoy playing with it.  Thus the term 'thinking putty'. The company was a family operation for a few years, but grew with world wide recognition, to a sizeable operation, outgrowing its facilities in Phoenixville,  and setting up shop in Norristown. They partnered with 5 Saints Distilling for help in handling chemicals, and built the business by using area persons with disabilities to manufacture the products. 
COVID brought operations to a halt, and Aaron looked to use his facilities to produce hand sanitizer, which was in short supply. As major suppliers got caught up in production, he developed a sanitizer targeted for kids, which has become quite popular.
We thank Aaron for sharing his story with us, and wish him success in the future with this Norristown produced products.