The Club has long sponsored high school students to a week's attendance at the ROTARY Camp Neidig and this year we were pleased to send four deserving Norristown Area High School there. In our Sept. 28th meeting, the four attended our meeting and gave brief reviews of their experiences at the camp.
DAVE SHOEMAKER, Club Youth Services Chair,  introduced the students and gave us a brief history of our involvement in the camp. Thank you Dave for carrying this project through.
MARISSA BASTIDA - Found that the most helpful event was the Problem Solving Station when team members worked together to come up with workable solutions to the presented tasks. She stated that the camp experience helped make her a more outgoing person. She plans to study accounting or science in college.
KATIE LE- learned to accept the outdoor existence of the camp, something she had a distaste for before camp. She appreciated the chance to meet new people and work with them in problem solving, and using her mind outside of school. She plans to attend Drexel and become a pediatrician. 
EMILY PLUMMER-  Was at first skeptical of the camp concept, but quickly got caught up in the welcoming nature of the week. Her biggest takeaway was interacting with a group of new individuals and learning to step back and listen to what others had to say, saying that it was n new concept to her. She plans to go to Drexel for a Mechanical Engineering degree.
JACK ROSEN- Enjoyed the sense of community even in the 'wilderness' environment which he was not a fan of. The week helped him learn to bone with others and hear their ideas.  He plans to attend college for engineering.