CARRIE BARRON, Education Manager of the AUDUBON SOCIETY, with friend SCOOTER, presented an informative review of the Society's MILL GROVE facility , siting current updates to facilities and programs, and several future plans that are currently in progress. Carrie, who has been at the Society for 6 years, spoke about the founding of the Society under John Audubon and his wife, and the creation of Mill Grove facility as a location to study and preserve wildlife. She related how his early bird drawings lead to development of taxidermy techniques and allowed him to create his 'live' drawings that he became famous for. 
Carrie outlined several recent improvements to the Groove including a new display area to open in December for displaying his artwork, and a new museum opening in 2017.  The new museum will incorporate modern technology to enhance the experience of viewing Audubon's many paintings, and bring the animal to life with an interactive experience. 
Carrie also spoke about the several education projects that the Society engages with the NASD and programs at the facility. They are always looking for volunteers and and holding their major fundraising event the ROCKING RIVER FEST, on September 18. Scooter, a screech owl, did not speak.
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MARK CALL, President, and ROBIN PARKER, Program chair, welcome CARRIE BARRON