It was so much fun ! Noristown Area Girl Scout troops, community supporters and the Rotary Club of Norristown participated in Earth Day 2023 in Padden Park, West Norriton.
For Earth Day, we cleaned out the community garden, cleaned up debris, planted oxygenating trees, removed weeds, restored natural drainage, planted butterfly and insect pollinator friendly vegetation. Mulching is next. The scouts and their supporters donated 3 beautiful new trees and all planted many new annuals to bring color to the garden for our coming butterfly visitors. Come visit 2101 Oakland Drive behind the playground.
We are planning our June 15th Changeover picnic at the park.
The new brick planter fashions the familiar gear shape. Not intended to be official branding, the gear is convenient shape for a circular plater.
Scout, community and club supporters/member  donated 3 trees for the garden park area.  They are stunning trees elected properly for their location and use.
The girls had so much fun working together planting annuals.
Thanks to all our Rotarians who came out to help. Especially to Diane for all of her planning to make it a success.
Rain barrel to provide water for thirsty flowers and plants.
A Successful Day !!