Judy Bucko without a hat
Last week our own JUDY BUCKO told us about her recent mission trip with ROTAPLAST team to Guatemala repairing cleft lips and cleft pallets. Judy has now participated in several  of these missions and plans to continue in the future, citing the thrill she gets from seeing families reactions to viewing their child with a normal face for the first time. ROTAPLAST is a function of ROTARY INTERNATIONAL, and has done some 2000 trips since its inception in 1992, with 13 last year alone. Judy was one of 26 volunteers that formed this years team, performing 114 surgeries. The clinics are free to the families and include both physical and speech rehab as part of the total process. She shared many pictures from the trip as she told of excitement of the kids and their parents to the operations.
Judy is caring on a tradition started by LOUISE ZAWADSKI a few years ago.
Thank you, Judy for the presentation.