As an extension of our Student Achievement Awards program, the club honored SHAWN LUTHER , from THE PATHWAY SCHOOL, for academic excellence and his contributions in setting a great example for other students to follow, mentoring, and demonstrating how dedication and desire can pay off by turning and apprentice opportunity into a steady job. The school offers training in computer coding, robotics, and other tech areas, and Shaun entered the program and immediately demonstrated aptitude and skills in the area, leading to internship position with a local firm, who realized his abilities , and eventually offered him a permanent position. 
The PATHWAY SCHOOL  founded in 1961 t,serves students with neurological impairment, including Autism Spectrum Disorder, psychological disorders, and serious emotional disturbance. The school has started the new program TEAM CHILDREN which focuses on preparing the students, with an individually prepared program, for the real world,giving them a chance to get beyond their impairments.
Congratulations SHAWN.
LILLIAN, SHAWN, AND incoming Student Achievement Chair LOUISE ZAWADZKI