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Last week, our club was pleased to welcome DOUG SEILER and OLIVIA BRADY who spoke on their efforts to preserve the Airy St. Prison, which has been a historical landmark in Norristown since the late 1800's. The prison, located across from the post office, was built in 1854 and is is a registered historical landmark.Their talk included both its history and the efforts  to remove it combined with their efforts to not only save it, but turn it into a tourist attraction and a tax revenue generating enterprise. Both speakers have been active in the community and, among other things, have been involved with The Norristown Preservation Society, and came together to work on this project to save the prissy after had decided to demolish the structure. The prison closed in 1986 and has been vacant since. They circulated a petition to measure the community interest in their project, and are encouraged by the local support. They have to deal with both the Norristown Borough Council and the County Commissioners and have worked with the Board of Archetural Review to present a proposal for use of the area. 
A proposal was made a few years ago to establish a butterfly museum plus supporting functions, but no action had been taken since. Their group has come up with several ideas for tax generating use besides the butterfly museum including a music hall, food court, relocation of the fire house, a parking garage, and several other proposals. In order to convince the Board to preserve, they realize that they need to clearly define future uses.
Olivia and Doug asked that if you are interested in this preservation, call Borough officials and the County Commissioners.
For further information, check their website: 
or visit their Facebook page :  help save historic norristown prison
Thank you Olivia and Doug