Last Thursday, the ROTARY CLUB OF NORRISTOWN honored three scholarship recipients from the Norristown Area School District. These students were selected by our Scholarship Committee, working with the school district, and were based on exhibited strengths in the areas of academic excellence  and community involvement. Each student received $200 towards their education plans. We congratulate these students and wish them continued success in their future educational and occupational endeavors.
Emma Josephine Carpenter - Plans to attend University of Delaware with courses leading to Veterinary School.
Dulce Maria Vargas Ochoa - is heading to Cabrini and is undecided at the moment, but is leaning toward majoring Education or Business
Christian David Carbone -  Plans to attend Villanova with studies in business and finance
Logan Hendricks (not present) will attend Rochester Institute of Technology $2500
Our three scholarship winners in attendance are welcomed by Club President Mary Onama and Committee Chair Tim Meyer