We ended our 23-24 Bicycle collection Saturday.  And we will begin again, no sooner than the truck left we got a call with 3 more sewing machines.  Despite the incessant rain, we managed a pretty good haul with 43 bikes and 7 sewing machines this year.  Bicycles become family transportation and sewing machines are distributed by an off shoot charity called 'Sewing Peace'. Both of these discarded items get a second life where jobs and transportation are rare.
Thank you to all those who donated this year. And thanks to Mary Treisbach for providing lunch.

The Garden Committee met at the Garden to begin cleaning out.  Diane Helm indicated we are nowhere near finished.
It is fairly large and there is much to do. Work will progress this week.
"Ask this old House" the TV show on PBS recently featured a segment on building local community garden with the Girl Scouts.
The girls learn how to garden, the Community gets great looking gardens and everybody benefits !   Take a look...