ALICIA RUIZ-ORTIZ spoke to the Club about her work in supporting a school in Morelli Mexico, the Casa de Jesus School which centers its educational attention on young ladies, many of whom are neglected when it comes to education and preparation for supporting an independent life in an area of Mexico that has a very high poverty rate. The school works to increase their human wellbeing through education, medical care, psychological assistance, and a supplying a loving environment. Alicia became involved with the school through a long rout the started with her experiences as an exchange student from her native Mexico ,and became interested in service organizations here and in Mexico. She immigrated to the US and has worked with the Emaus Rotary Club and the Allentown club , blog with the District Rotary to support the Casa de Jesus school. Projects have be established and grants gives in partnership with the local Rotary in the area, to help fund many activities and facilities over the last few years.
She was attracted to Rotary by its commitment to service and the opportunities it afforded her in doing good for her home community . She related how much the experience has changed her life, and how much it has changed the lives of those these efforts have touched.
Thank-you Alicia for this great example of Service Above Self.
ALICIA RUIZ-ORTIZ is welcomed by Club President ROBIN PARKER and club member and good friend LOUISE ZAWADZKI